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My Research Into September 11th, 2001

My name is Brian T Parent. This is my research into government lies, deception, & corruption surrounding the events of 9/11. Most of what you see under the catagory "Currupt Politics" is basically random things I looked at and collected. I research into conspiracies and share what I think others should see and judge for themselves..Many articles in that catagory "Corrupt Politics" are to a degree questionable. However, some of the information I collect on conspiracies into our shadow government is "Right On The Money!"

NoteWebsite under construction!! P.S. They deleted a lot of criminal information off this website and many incriminating carious videos off of YouTube! I will be trying to restore this website if they stop hacking my computer, this website, and sending viruses.

Hidden Power in Government

"There is a hidden powers behind all this corruption coming out of our government om Washington D.C.. I've been searching through information to figure out the reasons behind all the corruption coming out of Washington D.C. which is my objective.. I see fraud everywhere I look. I may not be 100% correct about everything, but there are a few things that would shock people if they knew.. Once the "Under Construction" message comes down, I will have a percentage system in place on what I believe is true or not! That may take some time considering the fact that the NSA or CIA or somebody out there keeps hacking this website to prevent a truther like me from spilling the Beans.

People Are Pointing Fingers at New World Order

Our leaders must be held accountable for their actions & their fraud. Something more dark and sinister may be taking place, and people need to be weary of it. Those behind "New World Order" need to be exposed. This is my ongoing research project to find out who is behind this mess. Some videos collected may be a bit iffy, but you are the judge between what is and what isn't. They sometimes hack this website and change information like a few words to discredit what I am trying to do. Sometimes, they delete URL Links to other sources I try to share in proving that we are dealing with a communistic secret society within our midst. However, all videos embedded on this website work unless deleted by YouTube who are trying to censor the criminal activities committed by those running our government and mainstream media. Shining a light on "Conspiracy" also shines a light on "High Treason." Of course, since our shadow government is trying to infiltrate alternative news, information is becoming harder and harder to weed through. Mainstream media along with a few alternative News sites keep putting out bogus stories as well. As for who may be behind The September 11th attacks, well that is still to be determined, but I highly doubt Muslims are behind it. However, there are people either pointing their finger at Zionist Jews, The Muslim Brotherhood, or The Illuminati who omce infioltrated The Free Masons. Who are the factions that took control of The United States Government? That is what I want to know and what I search for. I speculate highly that The Illuminati took control of our government, but I may be wrong. There is something about these Zionist Jews who are unlike peaceful Orthodox Jews that has me looking more into them. It also appears that every one in the world is effected by the lies coming out of Washington D.C. and our mainstrewam media. I started in 2005 when very few questioned our government. You will find prominent people throughout this website who also now question our government. A few even speak out about New World Order. Although, not everyone tells the truth about New World Order or where it came from. I'm one of the very few who knows exactly where New World Order comes from which will be explained more through this site. I'm sure what you will find will disturb you, and lead you to believe that there is indeed a shadow government seeking to take control of our world & to create a New World Order.

People Are Kept in The Dark

p>Our government keeps schools, librarians, law enforcement, border patrol, etc....in the dark when it comes to these certain facts. Through most government agencies, their computer screens never allow them to watch YouTube videos. Controlling information, censoring the news, and not having any open debate on these conspiracies is how our shadow government & mainstream media have been operating. Our shadow government tries to hide information from the public eye, and they are very good at doing so. They try to decry reporters who try to expose them and their crimes. Everything is a conspiracy theory to these type of politicians in Washington D.C. No conspiracy, to them, will ever be real! Everything is labeled a 'theory' according to them. Of course, there are real conspiracies taking place and real crimes committed that go unpunishment. They are also trying to dumb down our nation by manipulating the news & our text books. It seems that they are trying to keep people ignorant of what is really happening in our world today. In order to get a good picture of this conspiracy, one must collect as much information as one can and sort through it all like looking for needles in a haystack. That is what I try to do. That is what we should all do. People have the ability to make up their own minds. However, people can not do that without all the facts. Since they have comprimised my own website and information on this website, do your own digging into conspiracies. it is important that you keep searching for answers. I show sensitive information from time to time to paint a picture of a different story that mainstream media does not tell.. I don't make up information. I just share information. Although, I have collected a vast amount of information with the help of friends on Facebook. Some of it may be iffy.

Personal Note:

Personal note: I was contracted by an outside company called Guardsmark Inc.. to work at ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT as a Security Officer during 09/11/01. On the day of September 11th, 2001, my supervisor was driving around in The Rover (a pickup truck) while frantically shouting out, "We're under attack!" "We're under attack!" "New York is being bombed"! "Get to your stations!" Of course, I just looked at him as if he was a little wacko as I walked to ESPN's Building #7's doorway to sign in. Throughout that day, no other Security Officer was allowed to watch a TV set on The ESPN Campus to see what was going on in New York City. A female security officer later that day brought in her portable TV player. Finally, in a security room in ESPN HQ's in Building #3 (after security was doubled) "I was able to watch the WTC collapse. While standing in a room with over a dozen people towering over a little portable TV set, I tried to get a glimpse through the dozen or so people standing in that room with me whom were all trying to do the same thing.. My colleagues were devestated by what they had seen. Of course, I had a hard time working my way through all my co-workers to grasp a glimpse on that little screen. Once I finally saw the towers collapse on screen, the first thing out of my mouth was, "It looks like a controlled demolition!" The whole room went silent, and everyone looked at me with a funny look in their eye. I just looked back at all of them, shrugged my shoulders up and said, "Well, It does!" Everyone disclaimed my thought saying, "No! That can't be!" I basically went along with what everyone else after that, because I wasn't a scientist.

I long forgot about what I had said that day after I had left ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT. I left ESPN due to not getting a paychecki in the first 6 weeks working under a subcontracted company called Guardsmark Inc. I ended up having to contact The Labor Department to tell them that I never got paid which led to finally receiving several paychecks totalling iver a few grand. I fell back on unemployment. I came to feel like I may have lost other jobs afterwards due to what I had said at ESPN HQ, but I am not entirely sure! I never really thought about why other employers would get rid of me within a day's time for no reason whatsoever. I always thought that employers were getting rid of me due to the fact that I have a permanent Colostomy also known as an Ileostomy.

I don't know the reason why I kept losing jobs after September 11th, 2001. One employer said, "We have plenty of work for all of you new Temps here at our factory to last two months." The next day? "Sorry, we don't have enough work for you!" The Temp Agency never called me back either. Strange things like that were happening to me with various employers. There were times when a few employers gave no excuse whatsoever as to why they let me go. According to Connecticut Law, at the time I left ESPN, no company was allowed to go 9 days past the week ending pay period without paying an employee, so I went back on unemployment benefits after leaving ESPN. It just seemed odd that I would lose one job after another so quickly for no reason after that. Well, that is my the story, and it has been all downhill since. I just think now that maybe "What I said at ESPN" may have had something to do with why a few employers let me go. What I said at ESPN HQ was in a room full of people. I went 6 weeks without receiving a paycheck, but I dismissed that as well due to others stating that they too were having trouble getting paid. I guess I will never know. In 2006 after seeing WTC 7's collapse, I became a 9/11 activist, truther, or whatever you want to call me.. I kept wondering why I never saw the collapse of WTC #7 on television? After seeing WTC 7's collapse, I started thinking back to what I had said at ESPN HQ. I never mentioned what I had said at ESPN to anyone else in my family either. The only proof I have that I did say that at ESPN are those that heard me say it at ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT. I've collected over a few thousand videos on this website. Occasionally, you will find a video deleted. That is not my doing. YouTube deletes videos or video accounts all the time especially to things they deem sensitive. Sometimes, they manipulate the video itself. Welcome to what Alex Jones likes to call, "The Infowar!" When they try to sentence a man to 75 years in jail for videotaping police, then you know our country is in trouble.

The man videotaping police was out of the local mainstream news out of Illinois! You'll find that video somewhere under "Police State." 75 years for videotaping police sounds like North Korea to me! Having military patrol our streets goes against The Posse Comitatus Act. Our Constitution is being dismantled as well as our Bill of Rights. Things are becoming an Orwellian state. American patriots need to stand up! Beware of those spreading misinformation. Of course, they even get me on that as well. These Neo-Conservatives are not to be trusted. I sometimes collect their misinformation too, so I'm just as prone to falling for that misinformation as well. That is how I think The Illuminati keep control over everything. They manipulate information and reinfiltrate organizations, etc...etc... People need to judge this information I've collected for themselves, because I believe that we have psychopaths running our government. If a video does not play, just type out the title on YouTube. You might find it there. Just keep in mind that I have seen them manipulate the video that goes with the title at times. They try to make us out to look like terrorists, in which, we are not.

Update: I recently found one of my YouTube videos I uploaded to YouTube (out of the 5 that I made) on the ICTTF website which is The International Cyber Threat Task Force. I found it on their blog. After I pointed it out to others, The ICTTF site then required a password to view their blogs. Go figure! It seems that they were labelling me as a terrorist or something? All I do is share information I see online. I'm actually an American Citizen requestioning who the real terrorsts really are. I was born in The United States. It appears that sharing info has become a dangerous business, and I don't make a dime from all this. Since I don't make a dime, sharing information falls under The Copyright Fair Use Act. Of course, with Senator Feinstein's Bill to Kill Free Speech would mean that these criminals in Washington D.C. would like to take this website down. They censor and manipulate everyone trying to speak out. I'm tired of our shadow government targeting me for sharing information. Is this really "The Home of the Brave and Land of the Free" that I grew up in?

Just remember! I keep adding info to this site, because Info keeps coming in. Keep in mind that half the population of The United States are rethinking their views surrounding 9/11 and questioning everything they now see. It is important to stay informed and to never take information from only one source. I know I share MSM's information even though I don't fully trust them. Mainstream media does let some truth slip out from time to time! Once I share informaiton that contradicts mainstream media news, you'll definitely know it. One more thing! My mother's maiden name is Boone! Our family goes back to the early 1600s in America. I sure do hope people stand up to defend America's Freedom against all those seeking to destroy it. Defend The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our 2nd Amendment at all costs. America is now divided, and those seeking answers like us are the majority. Mainstream media will state otherwise and continue to manipulate! They are also trying to control the Internet, all information, and censor anyone that speaks out against our established government and especially Israel. All I can say is, "What you see on your TV set is not reality."

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