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This is my research into government lies and deception surrounding the events of September 11th, 2001 which led to the 911 Truth Movement, and the hidden powers behind it all. My name is Brian Parent. My friends on Facebook and I share information on Facebook to figure out the reasons to all the corruption coming out of Washington D.C.. I am seeing fraud everywhere I look, and our leaders must be held accountable. Some videos collected into this fraud are from mainstream media and some are not. However, most videos shine a light on "Conspiracy" and "Treason." Some videos reveal more info than others. People are either pointing their finger at Zionist Jews, Muslim Brotherhood, or the Illuminati and that one of these factions took control of The United States Government. I believe the Illuminati controls them all. It also appears that every one in the world is effected by what has taken place in Washington D.C.. You will find prominent people throughout this website who speak out. I'm sure what you find will lead you to question more into exactly what is in our government? Well, I believe there is a shadow government seeking to control our world & create a New World Order, and our mainstream media keeps everyone in the dark about it.

Our government keeps schools, librarians, law enforcement, border patrol, etc....in the dark. Their computer screens never allow them to watch YouTube videos which occassionally shows sensitve criminal information that sometimes points to politicians in Washington D.C. They are now controlling information on the Internet & censoring news videos. No one in the media will have an open debate on these conspiracies. They all just write them off as just another "Conspiracy Theory." That is how our shadow government & mainstream media appear to operate these days.

By decrying & discrediting reporters, just that action leads me to believe that a secret society who were behind the formation of Communism pops into mind who are known as the "Illuminati!" Of course, since there is only strong circumstancial evidence, many just call them our shadow government.

Our Shadow Government tends to delete information over and over again on YouTube trying to hide information, and that is a Communistic Trait as well as those that decry reporters who try to expose them and call them "Nut Jobs!" Everything crime in Washington D.C. now is a conspiracy theory to every politician in Washington D.C.. However, isn't it possible that they are all in on hiding the facts or that some of these conspiracies theories might actually be full blown discoveries? Continuously repeating over and over again telling people not to believe in these so called "Conspiracy Theories" is also a brainwashing tactics to undermine those looking into real criminal acts and sway people from the truth. Just another "Conspiracy Theory" is what they say! Well, I contest to that notion, because I'm seeing real criminal acts. To find the truth, one must continue to look through all videos, articles, & collect all data to come to a determination on who are behind these criminal acts, and one must keep on researching. There is a different picture we aren't seeing. One that is hidden, dark, and luring. If a video is missing, type out the original title on YouTube. You might still find it unless they completely blocked it off the Internet. I've seen that happen before. I collect a vast amount of info with the help of friends on Facebook. It is up to you to become a judge and rule without bringing religion into your judgement. Base your judgement on facts and logic! Welcome to what Alex Jones likes to call, "The Infowar!" As for me, I trust nobody in this "Cloak and Dagger" stuff.

America seems to have turned tyrannical where men in Washington D.C. act above the law! One man was recently sentenced to 75 years in jail for filming police on a sidewalk in Illinois! That was in the local news coming out of Illinois! You'll find that video somewhere listed under "Police State." 75 years for videotaping police sounds like North Korea to me. News like that is what every American Patriot must question! Rogue Cops are in our streets now but not all of them are bad. Boston was recently under "Lock Down" after The Boston Bombing where they went house to house. Some residents received bullet holes in their parked cars from gun fire by Swat Teams across the street. Far too close to "Red Dawn" which actually goes against the "Posse Comitatus Act." That "Lock Down" definitely reminded me of the movie, "Red Dawn."

All I ask is that others research for themselves. Everyone must find their own answers in this gigantic web of lies. However, beware of misinformation and even question the information I share, because all I am doing is sharing information on Facebook that I see online apart from what I gathered at the library. Our shadow government have been desperately attacking me for a long time now for sharing information. Keep in mind that this website is constantly under attackl. If a video does not play, just type out the title on YouTube. Hopefully, you'll find it.

Update:, I recently found one of the YouTube videos I edited on the ICTTF website which is the International Cyber Threat Task Force. I think they were labelling me as a terrorist or something. All I do is share information I see online. It appears to me that sharing information has become a dangerous business nowadays especially when it leads to their crimes of Treason. YouTube also now deletes any video I try to upload or any comments I try to make on youtube even if I change accounts, so I must leave it up to everyone else to spread information. I don't make a dime, so you judge this crap for yourselves. I'm now working on making this entire website into a Slide Show. Of course, sometimes I feel like calling it a Freak Show. Sharing information without making a dime falls under Copyright Fair Use Act! Basically, this is just an INFO site. I just liked DOT COM better! Of course, with Senator Feinstein's Bill to Kill Free Speech, this website could be taken down soon. They want to censor Information and Free Speech!

Just remember! I keep adding info to this site that I collect! Some people will find the information I share very disturbing but keep in mind that there are millions of people rethinking their views when it comes to 911 Truth and questioning powers trying to cover up 911 Truth and other conspiracies as well. Half of America now questions our government officials, and don't let their tactics of erasing pr changing people's comments on Facebook fool you. There are now millions of people that are attacked now over the Internet. It is important to stay informed and to never take information from only one source. Just keep questioning the very fabric and foundation of what our government truly is, because I think they all seriously need a polygraph test. Be very careful of those who manipulate information as well. They try to fool people. Since I share aticles from many sources, some of those sources end up on my website because I collect info trying to search for truth looking into different aspects. They have been trying to decry what I've exposed regarding the Illuminati over the past 9 years. Now, if you question my Patriotism, well....my mother's maiden name is Boone! The Boone family goes back to the easly 1600s in America.

I am also related to the Wood, Levesque, & Parent family Tree. I live in Northern Maine! My brother and sicter are U.S. Veterans, but they think I'm going to get myself killed for doing what I do. My grandfather did serve in the Canadian Military during WWII and was in a military musical band in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

P.S. You will never form a picture of what is truly going on until you look deeper into things, and I mean you must look really deep. Defend The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our 2nd Amendment at all costs. America is now divided, and those seeking answers to political motives are the majority. However, nainstream media will state otherwise! They are also trying to control the Internet, and censor everyone that speaks out against our established government. All I can say is, "What you see on your TV set is not reality," but question that anyway. Good luck and keep on searching for truth! I'm searching for my own truth!

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