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Government Lies, Deception, Hidden Power, Fraud by Brian Parent - 911 Truth

This is my research into government lies and deception surrounding the events of 9/11, and the hidden powers behind it all. My name is Brian Parent. My friends on Facebook and I share information on Facebook to figure out the reasons to all the corruption coming out of Washington D.C.. I am seeing fraud everywhere I look, and our leaders must be held accountable. Some videos collected into this fraud are from mainstream media and some are not. However, most videos shine a light on "Conspiracy" and "Treason." Some videos reveal more info than others. People are either pointing their finger at Zionist Jews, Muslim Brotherhood, or the Illuminati and that one of these factions took control of The United States Government. I believe the Illuminati controls them all. It also appears that every one in the world is effected by what has taken place in Washington D.C.. You will find prominent people throughout this website who speak out. I'm sure what you will find will lead you to believe that there is indeed a shadow government seeking to control our world & create a New World Order.

Our government keeps schools, librarians, law enforcement, border patrol, the dark. Their computer screens never allow them to watch YouTube videos. Controlling information, censoring the news, and not having any open debate on these conspiracies is how our shadow government & mainstream media have been operating. Of course, our shadow government also tends to delete information over and over again trying to hide information or decry reporters to make them look like fools. Everything is a conspiracy theory to politicians in Washington D.C., and none of this is real! That is what they want you to think. Of course, there are real conspiracies taking place and real crimes committed. They have dumbed down our nation through mainstream media who are trying to keep people ignorant of what is happening around them. In order to get a good picture of this conspiracy, one must look through all the videos and articles I've collected, and they also must make up their own minds. I collected a vast amount of info with the help of friends on Facebook, but I should tell you a little more about myself.

I was contracted by an outside company called Guardsmark Inc., and I worked at ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT as a Security Officer during 09/11/01. On the day of September 11th, 2001, my supervisor was driving around in a Rover (a pickup truck) frantically shouting out, "We're under attack! We're under attack! New York is being bombed! Get to your stations," he hysterically exclaimed! Of course, I just looked at him as if he was a little wacko as I walked to ESPN's Building #7's doors. Throughout that day, no other Security Officer was allowed to watch a TV set to see what was going on in New York City. A female security officer later brought in her portable TV player. Finally, in a security room in ESPN HQ's Building #3, after security was doubled, "I was able to watch the collapse. Standing in a room with over a dozen people towering over a little portable TV set, I sought to get a glimpse. My colleagues were devestated by what they had seen on that little portable handheld TV. Of course, I had a hard time working my way through all my co-workers to grasp what they had seen. Once I finally got to see it fully collapse on screen, the first thing out of my mouth was, "It looks like a controlled demolition!" The whole room went silent, and everyone looked at me with a funny look in their eye. I just looked back at all of them, shrugged my shoulders up, and said, "Well, It does!" Everyone disclaimed my thought saying, "No! That can't be!" I basically went along with what everyone else had said, because I wasn't really thinking at the time. Then, we all basically went back to work. I left ESPN HQ in Bristol, CT not long after due to not getting a paychecki in the first 6 weeks of working there! I had contacted the Labor Department telling them that I never got paid which led to finally receiving a paycheck but falling back on to unemployment. I felt like I had maybe lost other jobs afterwards due to what I had said at ESPN HQ, but I am not entirely sure!

I have a Colostomy, and that could be the reason to why I kept losing jobs after September 11th, 2001. According to Connecticut Law, at the time, no company was allowed to go 9 days past the week ending pay period, so I went back on unemployment benefits after leaving ESPN. It just seemed odd that I would lose jobs for no reason after that. One Temp Agency got rid of me the day after I was hired to work for a CNC machine factory. I was to inspect bolts for $9 an hour, and they said that they had tons of work for us all. The next morning, I got a call not to show up. They acted funny over the phone as well after I had asked, "Why?" They just said, "We don't have enough work for you!" I had a few occurances that were simular after that. I'm not sure why I was treated in that manner, but that was what I went through. I just think now that maybe that may have had something to do with what I said at ESPN, but I am not sure! Employers just gave me blank reasons over the phone. I wasn't a conspiracy theorist then, so I thought the reasons for losing jobs had been due to my Colostomy.

2006 was the year I began to have real suspicians about 9/11/01 after I saw WTC Building 7's collapse. That is when I truly became an activist. I wondered why I never saw that collapse on television? After seeing WTC 7's collapse, I started thinking back to what I had said at ESPN HQ. Of course, I never really mentioned what I had said at ESPN to anyone except fellow co-workers. There is also what I learned though my 8th grade Physics Class which taught us about Newton's Law on Conservation of Momentum. We learned about objects falling and opposing forces like air resistence. Of course, we also learned the difference between mass and weight of an object and how weight doesn't effect the speed of how fast an object falls. If the object is the same shape and mass, weight has nothing to do with how fast an object falls. I imagined those floors underneath the collapse point and all that resistance which should have slowed down the descent. Dr. Judy Wood ran calculations of a billiard ball falling at Freefall speed in a vaccum! 9.6 seconds was the result.

There are those that are trying to discredit conspiracy theorists any which way they can even if that means controlling the entire Internet and all its information. The WTC buildings didn't fall exactly at Freefall speed, but pretty darn close. The question I had was, "Where is the resistance?" September 11th, 2001 is just one small part of this grand conspiracy I see. There is so much more information to it all

I've collected over 1600 videos into various conspiracies including other articles of interest on this website from various sources. Occasionally, you will find a video deleted. Welcome to what Alex Jones likes to call, "The Infowar!"

America seems to have turned tyrannical where men in Washington D.C. act above the law! One man was recently sentenced to 75 years in jail for filming police on a sidewalk in Illinois! That was in the local news out of Illinois! You'll find that video under "Police State." 75 years for videotaping police sounds like North Korea to me! News like that is what every American Patriot must question. Rogue Cops are in our streets now but not all of them are rogue. Boston was recently under "Lock Down" after The Boston Bombing as well. That "Lock Down" reminded me of the movie, "Red Dawn." Having military police our streets completely goes against the Posse Comitatus Act. As for everything else on this site, you be the judge! I collect and share a bunch of links on Facebook with the help of friends. I don't verify every article I post on Facebook, so question everything I post there and here as well. Basically, I weed my way through what I post on Facebook trying to find "truth" in a haystack of lies. I ask others to research for themselves. Everyone must find their own answers in this gigantic web of lies but beware of misinformation. They have been desperately attacking me for a long time now for sharing information. I'm not sure of what is true 100% of the time, but I have been looking into mainstream media news, alternative news, and conspiracies since 2006. People need to judge this information for themselves and also share it with others. However, keep in mind that this website is constantly under attack as well. If a video does not play, just type out the title on YouTube. They've been doing a good job on YouTube of deleting or replacing videos that people share online.

Update:, I recently found one of my YouTube videos on the ICTTF website which is the International Cyber Threat Task Force. I think they were labelling me as a terrorist or something. All I do is share information I see online. Sharing info is a dangerous business nowadays especially when it leads to treason. I don't make a dime and can share information under the Copyright Fair Use Act! Of course, with Senator Feinstein's Bill to Kill Free Speech, this website could be taken down. They censor me anyway! I only get 36 visitors per day to this website compared to 528 thousand per day that Alex Jones receives according to Site Price Org which calculates how much a website is worth by the traffic a website obtains.

I'm tired of our government targeting me for sharing information. Don't target the messenger doesn't really work anymore! Is this really the "Home of the Brave and Land of the Free" I grew up in? Well, not anymore from what I've seen. America now looks tyranical to me.

Just remember! I keep adding info to this site that I collect! Info keeps coming in. Some people will find the information I share very disturbing but keep in mind that there are millions of people rethinking their views surrounding 9/11 and questioning everything they see now. It is important to stay informed and to never take information from only one source. Just keep questioning the very fabric and foundation of what our government truly is, because I think they all seriously need a polygraph test. Be very careful of those who manipulate information as well. I was the one who first warned people not to trust anyone, and now they are trying to say the same about the informaiton I share. One more thing! My mother's maiden name is Boone!

The Boone Family Tree goes back to the early 1600s in America! I also come from the Wood, Levesque, & Parent family Tree. I live in Northern Maine. I was told by my sister that my great grandfather may have lost both his legs on D-Day, so I consider myself American and a U.S. Patriot! Of course, I'm not sure about my great grandfather losing both legs in WWII since it was my sister that told me that. One day, I will have to confirm it.

Update: I just had to make a correction! My great grandfather didn't lose both legs on D-Day as my sister once told me. My mother told me that he lost both his legs from Gangrene. However, my grandfather did serve in the Canadian Military and was in a military musical band in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

P.S. You will never form a picture of what is going on if you don't look deeper into things that they don't want you to see. Defend The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our 2nd Amendment at all costs. America is now divided, and those seeking answers are the majority. Mainstream media will state otherwise! They are also trying to control the Internet, and censor everyone that speaks out against our established government. All I can say is, "What you see on your TV set is not reality." Mainstream media has turned into a brainwashing scheme. If you look through this entire website, I'm sure you'll see what I mean. Good luck and keep on researching!

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