Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory Ozarks

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Jesse Ventura's show usually airs on TruTV on Wednesday. However, they aired this episode early Monday on the 26th of November. I doubt the episode was scheduled to air. A few major television networks like Time Warner actually cut this show as it aired nationally. I heard one network cut the last 4 minutes of Jesse Ventura's show. This had to be the best show ever in my mind.

The episode was about Ozark, Arkansas and their undergound cities that are supposedly there. Supposedly there are tunnels that expand across the United States in which these underground cities were built. One of the men in the show who did not give his identity stated that there were at least 10 of these underground cities kept secret from the "Public Eye."

Jesse met with Anthony Hilder, who has been a conspiracy theorist for the past 30 years, met with Jesse Ventura to talk about The Ozarks which is a huge mountain region. Mr. Hilder also spoke out about the Illuminati which Mark Dice also confirmed. They then met with Lisa LaRue, a Cherokee Native also spoke with the Jesse Ventura's team about these underground cave networks that spanned for miles in The Ozarks. She also goes on to explain the many Earth Quakes that have been happening around those mountain regions where many speculated that something was going on there that we don't know about. Mark Dice also spoke of a very strange compound built there which he called a bunker of some sort and believed that the Illuminati might use this facility as a future intel hub where the Illuminati would be able to reconstitute the government of the United States and maybe even the world. That is the speculation of a plot to take over the world.

Video erased! This video was by a local mainstream
media new's station talking about Washington D.C.'s
underground bunker! YouTube erased it, and I didn't
record it.

Jesse's team then met with a radio broadcaster and conspiracy researcher, Clyde Louis, who has taken heat for speaking out about the Illuminati's End Game in the past. Mr. Louis stated that things are happening now and the clock is ticking and that the Illuminati want to initial a new empire and that out of chaos comes "New World Order." Of course, that is not the 1st time I heard that statement that Mr Louis stated. Alex Jones then confirms that these people speaking of The Ozarks and this huge private house that is 72,000 Square Feet which is bigger than the White House or any other house for that matter. Of course, Alex Jones stated that he spoke out with the contractors that were in on its construction, where he stated that there were people in the CIA and NSA working on this project which he came to know through interviewing these contractors. Alex Jones said that these contractors stated that the government was planning something big since so many top officials were involved in the construction of this house with fortified walls and bullet proof glass.

One of Jesse Ventura's researchers, June Sarpong, also came up with interesting info on banks where a little town called Mountain View, Arkansas had 1 bank for every 53 people living there. Compare that to 1 bank per 11,000 people in Los Angeles.

The Team then looks into the owner of this gigantic fortress through the local newspaper and spoke with Donna Osborn, a Christian County Headliner Journalist in Republic, MO while Sean Stone, the son of Oliver Stone, heads off to dig up more info from the shadows. Osborn goes on to explain that the house was built by Steven Huff, LLC from Leesberg, Virginia who is a billionaire that made his money through Overwatch Systems which is spacial surveillence systems through the use of satellites.

The narrator of the show goes on to explain that many conspiracy theorists on the Internet believe that Overwatch Systems to be an Illuminati tool. That was even before Jesse Ventura walked in to meet this journalist. The narrator of the show also goes on to explain that mainstream media ignored Steven Huff's original occupation which was in U.S. Army Intelligence that later became a member of the CIA.

Sean later meets up with a guy who calls himself "White Rabbit," a local that stated he knew the cave systems which many of the access points were blocked off. June also meets up with her contact, a local historian, Freda Cruise in Mountain View, Arkansas where all the banks sprung up and where many suspect the Illuminati is hoarding money for a post apocolyptic world. Even Cruise believed something is going on especially since the town once only had one bank which was Mountain Vew Bank. The other reason that makes Cruise bellieve something is going on is that they never had Earth Quakes in this region before. Now, she stated, those Earth Quakes happen 4 or 5 and sometimes maybe 10 per day.

The narrator goes on to explain that the frequncy of Earth Quakes rose from 36 in 2009 to 788 in 2011. A Substantial increase in the Amount of Earth Quakes which is a 2000% increase.

Jesse meets up with the local Sheriff who was deputized to bring Jesse Ventura up to the Huff's House while Sean explores the caves with "White Rabbit." Meanwhile, June meets up with Pastor Lois Monroe from the Jubilee Harvest Church who insists that the Illuminati has moved into her community and that she fights them by preaching. As Jesse heads to this supposed fortress on the hill with the Sheriff, the Sheriff stated that the house was more like a government building. However, he couldn't speculate any further, because he was just a public servent. Sean Stone while exploring the caves with the "White Rabbit" ended up hearing what may have been other people. They accessed the caves through a small crack opening where they barely just fit through. On the other end of town, the Sheriff stopped on the road at the bottom of the driveway and told Jesse that this was the best view you are going to get. That is where Hess planned to meet Jesse Ventura for a meeting. However, Hess canceled his meeting.

Of course, that didn't sit well with Jesse Ventura, because he wanted to see this house, so the Sheriff decided to continue up the driveway towards this house. As Jesse kept speaking to the Sheriff, he found out that the whole premise for this house was that they were planning for a disaster. After that, Jesse insisted that the Sheriff get back on the phone and lead him to the house. The Sheriff did just that which I was a bit surprising. The Sheriff arrived at the house, got out while looking the doors to the vehicle. The sheriff goes on to talk to a man at teh house and Jesse could still hear their conversation from inside the car. The man said to the Sheriff, "Joe told me yesterday that they cancelled. That he was going to do it from the road." The Sheriff said, "Okay" while the other man said, "That is what he told me." They then left the house without being able to see what was inside.

Later, Jesse meets up with Sean and that they were going to meet the "White Rabbit." From that point, they snuck the their car through security into this huge underground place where even tractor trailers could enter. The place looked like miles of tunnels that branched off from what I saw through the video. "White Rabbit" went on to state that there were 10 of these underground cities. Of course, Jesse stated that the underground facility was the largest underground facility in the world. 50 million square feet is how Jesse Ventura described it.

An underground city that America doesn't know about with railroad tracks across the street from one exit. Hell, watch the show. With everything I've seen, it scares the heck out of me.

Someone got into where the gate is for where truckers enter an underground tunnel that goes hundreds of miles underground. Prime (name of company) was on the side of the trailer Before the trucker stopped before entering the gated to this underground tunnel. the following was their conversation:

- -A man with a camcorder went up and asked the trucker, "Goes all the way to Washington D.C.?" Due to the wind, the man asks again, "Goes all the way to Washington D.C. huh?"
- -I could hear the trucker say, "I don't know!"
- -The man filming then asks, "Are You Homeland Security?"
- -Trucker replies, "No!"
- -Cameraman asks, "How far have you taken far have you actually taken a load?"
- -I couldn't make out what the trucker's response
- -Cameraman asks, "A hundred miles?"
- -Trucker responds, "Maine!"
- -Cameraman replies, "Up to Maine?"
- -Trucker responds, "Lewiston, Maine!
- -Cameraman replies, "No $%#" and then asks, "How many miles do you think that is?"
- -(All I could hear the trucker say was) "1300 to 1500" (Of course, I amplified the sound a bit to listen to it in my sound studio program).
- -Cameraman replies, "Unbelievable! Not to mention, I heard one goes all the way to Colorado, right?"
- -Trucker replies, "This one's not. It's going over to Maine! He repeats, "It's going over to Maine!"
- -Camaraman replies, "Unbelievable!" "Unbelievable!" Then he asks, "What do yout think you are hauling - any idea?"
- -Trucker replies, "Kraft!"
- -Cameraman replies, "Yeah, okay!"
- -Trucker replies, "Kraft makes all kinds of stuff!" "We don't really know, so!"
- -Cameraman replies, "Yeah, I know there has been a lot of military stuff being hauled around lately...that's for sure huh?"
- -Trucker replies (Of course, I had to amplify the sound to hear what he said), "Yeah, but not me!" "Need the waiver to deliver those things...unless it is food!" He repeats, "Just people driving food!"
- -Cameraman asks, "I heard there was water supply, food supply, everything is in there!"
- -Trucker slandishly replies, "Yes...but you don't get no cell phone service in here....hehehehe!"
- -Cameraman replies, "No!" "Peace Brother," as the trucker continues on with his journey through the gated underground tunnel!

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